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Cranberry Beetroot Facial Mask

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Looking for a holiday-themed facial mask that will leave your skin feeling merry and bright? Look no further than our Cranberry Beetroot Facial Mask! This all-natural mask is made with nutrient-rich ingredients that support the immune system, hydrate dry skin, and soothe holiday-induced stress. Plus, its festive red color is sure to put you in the spirit! Whether you're treating yourself to a pre-party pampering session or just looking for a way to relax after a long day of holiday shopping, our Cranberry Beetroot Facial Mask is sure to help you feel your best. So go ahead and add it to your cart - your skin will thank you!

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woman owned
all natural + organic

About the Brand

Merigold offers a seasonal monthly facial mask, but it is more than just skincare. It is reclaiming our moments from the endless to-dos and distractions. It is nourishing our skin, bodies and souls with quality ingredients both on and in our bodies, and taking up the space for ourselves, so we can emerge truly refreshed.

We are a community of women, reclaiming our natural beauty and the space to breathe. Together, we are unstoppable.