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Deux Cranes

Milk Chocolate with Ginger Sesame and Buckwheat

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A bar of single-origin chocolate from Madagascar, full of scrumptious vanilla notes is balanced with earthy ginger, sesame and buckwheat. Buckwheat, or soba, is a gluten-free grain despite the name and provides a savory, nutty and earthy profile in this flavorful bar.

Contains milk, soy. 70g

Size & Dimensions

3.3" w x 6.1" h


About the Brand

Deux Cranes is an artisanal chocolate brand, handcrafted in Los Gatos by French-trained chocolatier Michiko Marron-Kibbey and designed by creative director Ayaka B. Ito as a nod to their Japanese heritage and the flavors of their youth. Since 2018, we have been intentionally creating each product with pride and remarkable attention to detail, sourcing many ingredients from travels to Japan and Japanese markets in the U.S. With signature flavors including Vegan Matcha Almond with Yuzu and Milk Chocolate with Ginger, Sesame and Buckwheat and a rotating seasonal selection of offerings, Deux Cranes is intended to highlight the beautiful food cultures of Japan and France from both a product and aesthetic viewpoint. In addition to geometrically designed chocolate bars, the Deux Cranes product portfolio includes a variety of meticulously constructed bon bons, shortbread, and caramels with flavors such as miso and Japanese pepper. Through Deux Cranes, we hope to create a modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese philosophy of taking the time to appreciate the little things that make life so full.